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The Definitive Guide To Blank License Plates

blank license plates

blank license plates

If you want to have license plates that are unique and amazing, if you are not yet decided about how they will look, or you are still working on their design, blank license plates may be just the thing you are looking for.

Getting blank license plates means that you will enjoy license plates for your car that are completely clean, without any marks or inscriptions on them. So you have total freedom to personalize them later on. You don’t have to buy all sorts of license plates if you are not truly satisfied with them or be disappointed that you haven’t found the design you were thinking about.

Introduction of blank license plates

Now, you can simply create the license plates you desire by opting for blank license plates and customize them according to your needs and preferences.

But, before picking the blank license plates for your car, you should know that there are two main groups of license plates that you will find in this category. Doing some research and checking out the product before purchasing it is highly recommended, so you won’t be disappointed by your choice once the plates arrive on your doorstep. Thus, you can opt between these two types of blank license plates:

  • Punched aluminum plates that are only covered with layers of reflective films. These are the plates usually required for license plates that are custom made or for various traffic signs.
  • Punched aluminum plate with reflective films and security features. These are the ones used by license plates manufacturing companies, by providers of number plates, institution plates, and so on.
Afghanistan vanity plates

Afghanistan custom license plates


Why should you opt for blank license plates?

First of all, they are cheaper than any other customized license plates you may find available. Because they don’t have any design whatsoever, they will put less strain on your budget.

Secondly, you have the chance to create the design for your license plates exactly as you dream it. If you have something in particular in mind, there are slight chances that you will actually find license plates like that on the market.

The blank license plates are ideal for people that love DIY projects because you can be the one to customize the license plates for your car. Don’t settle with what you can find, especially if you don’t really like the design of the plates that are on the market when you can easily create the plates that define you and your car best.

vanity plates generator

Custom license plates making


Blank license plate dimensions

When it comes to license plate dimensions, before making your order for blank license plates, you should check the standard dimensions that are accepted by the local authorities in your state. Regardless if you have personalized or vanity plates on your vehicle, they should respect the standards concerning the dimensions in order to be registered without any issues.

Custom license plates dimensions

Square Sezanno custom license plate dimention of 320x180mm

The dimensions of your license plates may vary depending on the type of vehicle you have. More precisely, there are certain standards for cars, and other standards for motorcycles, golf carts, scooters, tricycles, tractors, and so on. So, it depends very much on which type of motorized vehicle you want to use the plates, in order to pick the adequate dimensions for your blank license plates.

Vanity plates dimensions

Sezanno custom plate dimenstion of 520×110 of EURO size

So, yes, personalizing your license plates doesn’t mean you can change their dimension, but use various lettering and designs to customize the look of your license plates. Each state has its own standard when it comes to license plate dimensions, so make sure that even if you opt for blank or customized license plates, they will respect these size standards. If you don’t respect them, you may end up in the situation of not being able to use the plates you created for your vehicle, because it won’t be officially registered and the local authorities will not allow you to use the vehicle on public roads. Customization makes references strictly to plate lettering and design, and not about its dimensions, which are standard according to the case, and according to the state, you’re living in.

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It is fun to have customized license plates for your vehicle and blank license plates give you a bigger freedom when it comes to making the designs you would like for your plates, designs you wouldn’t normally find on the market. But, when it comes to ordering the blank license plates you need, you will be required to mention the dimensions of the plates.

  • So, make sure you check the info coming from your local authority when it comes to a car plate or motorcycle plate because they have different dimensions.
  • Being sure about the dimensions of the plates you are about to order, which are standard, means to avoid unnecessary money spending on plates you won’t be able to use later on.
  • Trying to register your vehicle, regardless of type, with plates that do not respect the standards concerning the required dimensions, may make you spend money again, this time ordering the right dimensions for your plates. So, to avoid such unpleasant situations, make sure you opt for the right blank license plate dimensions upon ordering.
Custom plates of Albanian license plates

Albanian Sezanno 520×110 custom plates

This is the only aspect you need to have in mind when ordering plates that are about to be personalized or customized according to your preferences. Other than this, you will be able to come up with any kind of lettering and design you have in mind, as long as it is not taken already, to create the license plates you desire for your motorized vehicle.

Get your blank license plates

Our company is more than happy to provide blank license plates in various dimensions and designs, according to your specific needs.

Starting with the manufacturing, packaging, and ending with the delivery of our blank license plates, you can be sure that you will get plates of the highest quality.

So, are you ready to make custom license plates that nobody else has on their cars?

Contact our support team and give us the desired size for your ideal license plates and any details concerning their design, and we will be more than happy to deliver blank license plates that meet your requirements.

Hand press embossing for show plate

Boldey Manual press machine

photo of embossing press machine

Victio Embossing press machine

Painting show plates

Painting machines

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